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e has noticed the large presence of Chinese companies at the CES in recent years.Winston appreciated▓ the flexible displays produced by startup Royole Corporation which is based ▓in Shenzhen city, southern China."Royole has been around for a short

time, ▓but they prove to have good quality products from what I understand," Winston said, noti▓ng that Shenzhen is a big producer of technology.The CES is the world's largest trade show and ▓presents new products and technologies in the consumer electronics indust▓ry.At the

Parrot One
Parrot One

CES this year, Royole released FlexPai, a flexibl▓e, fo

Parrot Two
Parrot Three

ldable smartphone and tablet, with an ultra-thin display, dr

Parrot Three
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awing a big crowd at the e▓xhibition hall.Winston said his

Parrot Four
Parrot Four

team is doing their research to determine if it's a product that

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his company would consider integrating into their technology.As global tech firms make serious efforts to enhance their i▓nteraction with Chines

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e companies, the latter are also actively seeking world▓wide partners and expanding the global market.Chinese PC giant▓ Lenovo on Tuesday released a smart clock with Google,

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which responds to Google Assistant v▓oice commands. It also released with Amazon a new pair of devices, a tablet and▓ a charging station, which accept Amazon'

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